Chinese Cupid

by Sandia

There was a man named Wei Gu who lived when emperor taizong of tang. His parents had died since he was a child. In order to have his own family earlier, he begged everywhere, but he was unsuccessful.

He stopped in Songcheng (Hangzhou) when traveling. Someone introduced Pan Fang’s daughter to him, and had a appointment at Temple with the next morning.

Wei Gu felt very happy. He went out to the appointed place very early next day. When he went out, the moon was still hanging in the sky.

He saw the door of the temple. An old man was reading a book by the moonlight. But the text on the book was Wei Gu did not know.

He confessed that he was involved in many characters, even in Sanskrit. But why haven’t he read the words in the old man’s book?

Wei Gu curiously asked the old man what book is this? The old man told him that this is a book from the underworld. Why would anyone from the underworld come here?

The old man also told Wei Gu that officials in the underworld, are in charge of the affairs of the mankind. Of course, they need to come to the world. You are going out too early. And you can’t distinguish that the people walking on the road are man or ghost.

What are you charge for in the world? The old mad answered : My job is about marriage.

The red string in my pocket is used to tie the feet of the couple. Regardless of whether the two families are enemies, rich or poor, or far away from each other. When they were born, I tied the two people together.

Wei Gu wanted to know if he could have a marriage with Pan Fang’s daughter. He asked the old man. The old man said no. Your wife is only three years old now. She will marry you when she is about 16 or 7 years old. She lived with her mom in north market. Wei Gu visited the girl. He thought the little girl was too ugly and ordered the servant to kill the little girl.

The old man said that you can’t kill her. She is destined to be rich and wealthy, and she will also enjoy the blessing with you. Sure enough, the sword that the servant stabbed at the little girl hurt her eyebrow and survived.

More than ten years have passed. Wei Gu was assisted by the military service of the staff of Tushi Shi because of his ancestor’s shelter. Tushi Shi Wangtai (Anyang City) was very satisfied with Wei Gu. He wanted to ask Wei Gu marry with his daughter.

After he finally formed a family, he found his wife is the little girl. Who was stabbed from him in the past. He honestly told his wife about his past mistakes and knew that fate was destined to would not change.

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